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Jacksonville Commercial Cleaning Services – Northern Star Commercial Cleaning

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Our team is ready to assist you in getting started or providing expert advice on solutions that suit your business needs. Contact us to hire the following services: Commercial cleaning in Orange Park CityCommercial cleaning in St. AugustineCommercial cleaning in Ponte Vedra and Commercial cleaning in Jacksonville.

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Ready to take the first steps toward hiring our commercial cleaning services? It’s simple!

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We will propose a custom janitorial service plan that aligns with your business needs, your schedule, and your budget.


Northern Star Commercial Cleaning takes pride in being a local family-owned business, providing Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning Services to Duval County and Clay County since 2017. Choosing us to be the right Commercial Cleaning Service can bring numerous benefits to your business.

  1. Cost and Efficiency Savings: We deliver cost-effective and efficient solutions that positively impact your facility’s budget.

  2. Focus on Core Functions: Our services allow you to concentrate on your core business functions while we handle the cleaning.

  3. High-Performance Systems: We implement high-performance Commercial Cleaning Service Systems to elevate cleanliness and hygiene standards.

  4. Flexible Staffing: Our services offer flexibility in staffing, ensuring your needs are met efficiently.

  5. Clean, Healthy Facilities: We leave your facility clean, healthy, and shining, creating a welcoming and safe environment.

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