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The Unseen Influence: How Company Culture Shapes Your Commercial Cleaning Experience

The Unseen Influence: How Company Culture Shapes Your Commercial Cleaning Experience

When selecting a commercial cleaning company, it’s easy to be drawn to factors like price and size. However, one often underestimated element that profoundly affects the level of service you receive is the company’s underlying culture. While you might not delve into the inner workings of a cleaning company’s culture, the presence of a positive, supportive, and inclusive culture should matter to you. The culture of your chosen commercial cleaning company plays a pivotal role in how frontline cleaning employees perceive and execute their duties, as well as in employee turnover. Employee satisfaction and retention directly impact the quality, consistency, and effectiveness of your cleaning services. So, how can you identify a positive company culture before selecting your next janitorial service provider?

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Every organization has a culture, whether it’s consciously nurtured or not. Some cultures radiate positivity, while others fall short. Ultimately, it comes down to the values, behaviors, and beliefs encouraged as the desired mindset within the company—the very essence that surrounds it. Similar to the well-known parenting adage of “do as I say, not as I do,” actions indeed speak louder than words. Culture isn’t something that can be decided upon in a meeting or changed at will because it’s a reflection of actions and choices, not just empty words. Regardless of what’s said about a company’s culture, it’s a clear indicator of what their staff genuinely believe about their workplace.

Taking Pride in the Work

Work is still work, no matter how you frame it. It’s not a day at the beach, a leisurely round of golf, or an hour of pure relaxation and rejuvenation. However, that doesn’t mean work lacks meaning or positive feelings. A workplace that fosters a fun, welcoming, respectful, supportive, social, and interconnected environment tends to be more productive and, in general, a better place to work. People thrive in a positive and supportive setting, and it costs nothing to build a workplace that prioritizes these qualities. Having motivated and engaged individuals as the custodians of your building’s cleaning and maintenance will significantly impact the services you and your facility receive.

By equipping people with the tools to succeed, they feel a sense of fulfillment in their contributions and invest more of themselves into their work, rather than merely going through the motions or eagerly waiting for the end of the day. Companies that promote learning, accountability, and commitment are far more likely to thrive compared to those that overlook the importance of company culture. A positive work environment revolves around offering employees competitive wages and benefits, supportive management, the necessary tools and training for success, and making them feel that their work, time, and effort are meaningful and appreciated.

How Culture Translates into Service Quality

Now that we’ve established that a successful business is built upon a positive culture, let’s explore how this culture impacts you as a customer. Firstly, employees who are unhappy in their jobs or struggling with a negative and unsupportive company culture are more likely to leave, resulting in higher turnover rates. This can lead to a revolving door of new hires, creating a situation where cleaning employees are constantly adjusting. A problematic culture has a ripple effect that significantly impacts your facility. So, what are the benefits of partnering with a professional cleaning service that recognizes the importance of culture?

First and foremost, a positive and welcoming culture fosters a sense of importance and value among employees. This sense reflects in the way they approach and execute their work. Secondly, companies that cultivate an environment based on teamwork and shared responsibility create a strong support network that consistently translates into better customer service. Finally, supportive management that emphasizes both employee appreciation and accountability generates results for you as the Facility Manager.

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