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Is Your Cleaning Company’s Closet a Problem?

When you hire a commercial cleaning company, it’s because you want a hassle-free experience, right? You want things to run smoothly so you can focus on your other tasks. To achieve this, your chosen professional commercial cleaning company needs to be skilled, professional, and attentive to every detail. The state of the janitorial closet can tell you a lot about the quality of your Commercial Cleaning Service ou Janitorial Services.

Why the Janitorial Closet Matters

Is paying attention to the janitorial closet too narrow a focus? We don’t think so. Your commercial cleaning company knows that you can check the storage closet at any time. If it’s consistently messy and disorganized, it suggests they’re not taking care of your facility properly. Plus, there are rules about how cleaning supplies should be stored, and not following them can put your facility at risk. Occasional messes happen, but a pattern of sloppiness and shortcuts leads to poor cleaning services.

Best Practices Matter in Commercial Cleaning

Do you want to worry about whether the same cloth cleaned the toilet and your desk? Do you want a janitorial services company that ignores the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning chemicals? What about a company that doesn’t thoroughly screen its staff? Cutting corners in one area often leads to shortcuts in others. If your commercial cleaning service isn’t following industry best practices consistently, your facility could be at risk in various ways.

Preventing Cross-Contamination with Color Codes

To prevent cross-contamination, your janitorial company should use a simple, cost-effective method: color-coded rags. Different colors are used for specific areas, ensuring that restroom rags don’t end up on your desk. It’s an easy system to follow, and if your cleaning service isn’t using it, they’re not doing enough to prevent health risks in your facility.

The Importance of Equipment for Janitorial Services in Duval County

Your office cleaning company doesn’t need brand-new equipment every year, but outdated equipment can affect cleaning quality. Using the right equipment can earn you green building points and save time and money. Newer equipment is often more efficient. Check your janitorial closet: Do you see well-maintained, up-to-date equipment, or a collection of broken and outdated machines?

Regular Inspections for Consistency

Performing regular janitorial inspections, including checks of the janitorial closet, helps ensure consistency and reliability in your facility. Mistakes happen, but inspections can catch them early. Use inspections to communicate with your Commercial Cleaning Company in Jacksonville Area and build a stronger partnership.

A Dirty Closet Signals Problems

While the janitorial closet isn’t the sole indicator of cleaning quality, it can be a red flag for larger issues. If the closet is in great condition, it’s likely your facility is too. At Northern Star Commercial Cleaning, we prioritize cleanliness and organization in our janitorial closets because having the right tools in order is crucial. Discover how our Commercial Cleaning Company in Jacksonville Area sets the industry standard. For questions or a no-obligation quote, call us at 904-780-0007 or email

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