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Janitorial Dilemma: Choosing Between Local and National Companies

When it comes to hiring commercial cleaning services, selecting the right provider for your facility is crucial. While larger national janitorial companies may seem like the obvious choice, it’s important to remember that bigger isn’t always better. Here’s a comparison of local and national janitorial companies to help you make an informed decision.

The Challenges of National Janitorial Contractors

National janitorial contractors may present unforeseen issues. While suitable for businesses with multiple locations across different states, these large-scale providers can lack the personalized touch needed for single-location businesses. They often struggle to provide the attention to detail and quick responsiveness that smaller facilities require.

What Makes a Janitorial Service “Better”?

Most Facilities Managers would agree that a superior janitorial company:

  • Employs highly skilled and dedicated staff.
  • Offers transparent and understandable pricing.
  • Provides a reliable point of contact for issue resolution.
  • Responds promptly to concerns.
  • Demonstrates genuine care for your facilities, aiming for a long-term partnership.

The Importance of the Relationship

Unlike one-time transactions, your relationship with a janitorial service provider is ongoing. Considering all factors equal, who would you prefer to partner with: a large out-of-state corporation or a local business that understands your community? Local janitorial companies possess a deep understanding of their community, enabling them to recruit, hire, and manage exceptional staff effectively.

The Local Advantage

Northern Star Commercial Cleaning is a local company that brings a host of unique advantages. They possess intimate knowledge of the local community and can adapt their services accordingly. This localized expertise allows them to understand your facility’s unique needs and deliver tailored solutions. Additionally, local companies like Northern Star often foster strong client relationships, providing a personalized touch and a greater sense of accountability. This makes Northern Star a better choice for those seeking a dependable and community-focused cleaning service.

Prioritizing What Matters

When evaluating janitorial companies, prioritize key factors beyond size. Look for a provider that emphasizes professionalism, reliability, and quality service. Consider their track record, customer testimonials, and certifications. An ideal janitorial company should have a strong commitment to employee training, environmental sustainability, and transparent pricing. By focusing on these crucial aspects, you can make a well-rounded decision that aligns with your priorities.


When selecting a janitorial company, it’s essential to move beyond the assumption that bigger is always better. While national companies may offer scale and resources, local providers excel in delivering personalized care, local expertise, and accountability. By evaluating your specific needs and prioritizing factors such as responsiveness, quality, and professionalism, you can find the perfect fit for your facility. Remember, the key lies in finding a janitorial partner that understands your unique requirements and shares your commitment to a clean and well-maintained environment. To learn more about Northern Star Commercial Cleaning and their expert services.

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