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Top Four Justifications for Fire Your Janitorial Service

It has come to the point where you need to part ways with your current janitorial service. This decision has lingered on your to-do list for several months, and the time spent transferring it from one list to another could have been used to complete the task itself. Your current janitorial service is simply not meeting your expectations, but you may wonder about the alternatives. Are all cleaning companies alike? Will the next janitorial service be just as unsatisfactory as the current one? And even if you miraculously find a janitorial service that fulfills their promises, you might assume that they would be unaffordable. However, that assumption is incorrect. You do not have to settle for subpar janitorial service solely due to budget constraints.

When it’s Time to Say “Enough”

When collaborating with any contractor, occasional issues that require resolution or attention are inevitable. It is a natural part of engaging with other individuals and companies. But when do these problems with your janitorial service become so significant and widespread that communication alone is unlikely to solve anything?

Janitorial Service

Lack of Responsiveness

Perhaps your janitorial service lacks a system for handling complaints and issues. Maybe their response time in addressing matters is excessively long. Or it could be that you are tired of hearing empty promises like “we’ll take care of it,” only to find that nothing actually changes. If you refrain from communicating problems to your janitorial service because you believe nothing will be done about them, it is undoubtedly time to seek a new cleaning company.

Personnel Problems

Issues such as improper or insufficient employee screening, illegal hiring practices, and under-the-table payments extend beyond your control and can have adverse effects on your business and reputation. Janitorial service companies that cut corners on these fundamental aspects are likely to take shortcuts in other areas as well. Moreover, when people within a janitorial service are undervalued, they lose interest in their work, leading to high turnover rates that can create major security and service-related concerns.


Perhaps your janitorial service occasionally gets it right, but shouldn’t the bar be set higher than that? Even if your building service budget is limited, you should still receive the value you are paying for. If you find yourself uncertain about what exactly you are paying for, it is likely time to consider a new janitorial service. Professional janitorial service companies offer transparent and detailed pricing, ensuring clarity and alignment between both parties. This approach establishes clear expectations and empowers you to prioritize your facility’s needs. Such pricing structures can be particularly helpful when working with a tight budget.

Training and Professionalism

Your service involves more than just cleaning toilets. There is a certain level of expertise required to effectively clean and maintain your facilities. Whether you prioritize eco-friendly cleaning practices or simply a thorough, high-quality cleaning job, a janitorial service company that offers comprehensive employee training programs will have staff members who understand the necessary tasks and how to perform them. Well-trained employees grasp the importance of safe chemical usage and storage. Through meticulous training, they become fully aware of the consequences of subpar work and the associated security risks. Quality training also changes people’s attitudes towards their work, fostering a more professional mindset that instills a sense of purpose. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement.

What I should do know?

While finding the right janitorial service can be a daunting task, the effort invested in the search is undoubtedly worthwhile. Taking the time to select a reputable provider will ensure that you receive exceptional value for your cleaning budget and maintain a smoothly functioning facility. While it may seem as though all janitorial services are identical, that is far from the truth. In fact, there are several companies that excel in hiring, screening, training, and managing highly competent staff. These building service providers prioritize real-time responsiveness and have well-designed systems in place to address issues promptly, offering services that will exceed your expectations. Rather than making empty promises, these exceptional janitorial services genuinely care about their customers and go the extra mile.

So, how can you identify these reputable players within the janitorial service industry? Start by reaching out to other facility managers for recommendations. Referrals are a valuable source of accurate information. If you don’t have access to such referrals, you can read reviews on google to see how others facilities manager describe that company are, be prepared to ask pertinent questions during your search.

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